Hockey Drill Demonstration


Drill to encourage decision making and good leading

Coaching points

Player at B has two choices:

Scenario 1: Red lines

  • Player A passes to player B then leads towards far cone 
  • Player B passes to player A on the run 
  • Player C sees this run and leads away from the grain and then bursts back into the D looking for deflection from 45 degree hit from player A
  • Once player A receives the ball on the run he/she then looks to hit the ball to player C who has lead into the D.
  • Player A continues into the D looking for 2nd phase

Scenario 2: Yellow lines

  • Player A passes to player B and then leads to far cone
  • Player B sees player A leading into space but identifies that player C is open and passes behind player A to player C
  • Player A realises that the ball has been passed to player C and continues his/her lead up to the circle.
  • Player C leads towards the ball, receives then passes to player A on the run.
  • Player A receives from player C and then attacks the circle and has a shot at goal.
  • PLayer C leads into circle after passing to player A for support

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