Hockey Drill Demonstration


This drill has 4 groups. Player 1 tansfers play by passing the ball to Player 2. Player 2 passes the ball up the line to either the coach or a permanently stationed player at the black cone. Player 2 runs to the yellow cone to receive the ball back from the coach and passes upfield to player 3. Player 3 flicks the ball into the rebound net, traps and makes a pass to player 4. Player 4 receives the ball jinks or drags to eliminate the blue cones and has a shot at goal. Player 4 returns back to group 1 to start again.  

Coaching points

The purpose of this drill is to teach players to transfer play, pass and receive the ball accurately and to run and support the ball carrier who has received the pass. 

Optional: Add in a defender to put pressure on the ball carrier and to improve the decision making abilities of the players. Include a goalie to put extra pressure on player 4 shooting at goals.  


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