Hockey Drill Demonstration


A simple lead towards the top circle to recieve the ball and turning on the ball to shoot on the open side. Can also be known as a 'squeeze' shot as the ball is often squeezed into the ground during the hit. Check it out here.

After your shot move in to be the feed.

Coaching points

- lead hard towards the ball and call.

- 1st touch takes the ball away form goal or pursuing defender (sometimes straight but better off outside the left foot.

- the turn on the ball often comes with a big step with the right foot or a jump to get behind the ball. This can often result in an off balance shot.

- the stick will usually make contact with the back/top of the ball and the hit will go into the ground.  This can result in the ball going up, but not always.

Progress this drill by changing the angle of the feed or by making the other person waiting a rebounder for any saves made by the GK.

Also try to experiment with reverse stick backspace hitting. This is less of a squeeze and more upright reverse.

Also try to give the ball a little lift on receive and turn quickly to hit the ball on the bounce.

Add a 'passive' defender applying pressure from behind so that the striker can get an idea of how to present the ball away from the defender. Get the defender to step up on left or right shoulder and for striker then to try to recognise the side with space to shoot (checking shoulders before receive)

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