Hockey Drill Demonstration


Introducing Hard Ball Carry to Goal

1 v 1 with jump back defender originating 15/20m away from D

2 v 1 to be located ahead of the play, starting where they wish

Looking to replecate ACE from the top of the D, rather than from the side


2 x 2 minute sets - introduce players to drill (not scored)

2 x 5 minute sets - scored


Goal = 1

Deflection from Widening the Goal = 3

Backspace = 5

PC = Bball

Coaching Points

  • Leading of 2 free players - dictated by ball carrier, but look to exploit width of drill, or if BC entering from top of D, looking to widen the goal with

Drill 3 - 3v2 Hard Ball Carry into DHockey Drills Coaching

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