Hockey Drill Demonstration


Putting their skills into practice, the players are broken up into two groups and moved to a D each. Withing their groups of 8, they will now practice an attacking penalty corner

  1. Each team will set up as depicted in the Diagram and then take turns alternating through the various positions. This will allow the best players for the positions to become clear and for each player to have a turn pushing, hitting, deflecting etc.
  2. There are three Different corners they can try. A- a straight shot from the pusher to the stopper and a direct hit in. B- the red player stops it and gently nudges it over the line for the green player who then takes a shot. C- Slip shot from the red player to the orange player who then takes a shot.
  3. These are very basic setups and the pushers and stoppers may alternate which ones they would like to do.
  4. The players standing a little further out are the back up players incase the ball is not stopped properly.

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