Hockey Drill Demonstration


Split into 6 teams of equal numbers (probably 5-a-side). MIxed age groups.

Each 3 teams use 1/4 of the pitch. 2 teams in bibs (2 different colours) 1 team non-bib

2 teams start in the area, 3rd team on sideline. Teams score by carrying the ball over the opposite sideline.

Once a team have scored, they turn around and score ove the other sideline.


No tackling

3 touches

If the ball gets intercepted/goes out of the area, the team that lost possession are off, and the team waiting on the sideline are on.

Extra goal awarded for every 2v1 created

Move the ball to go forward - lead runs into space, dont pass through contact.

Apply pressure on receives - team without possession should pressure the player with the ball which forces the ball player to make a decision.

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