Hockey Drill Demonstration


- 1st attacker (blue) carries ball down right hand side of pitch along baseline

- 2nd attacker makes a 'banana' cut from right to left to right

- then receives the pass from 1st attacker & shoots

shot should be a sweep of stick on their reverse just before ball reaches them, putting power behind sweep

- attacker's stick makes contact with the ball as it comes level with right foot

- 1st touch slap ball into goal

Coaching points

- throughout ball's movement, focus on ball to ensure it comes into contact with toe-edge of stick

- grip with both hands at top of stick

- low body position to ground throughout pass needed to sweep entire stick along floor - maximises power

- correct footwork enables low body position to be maintained without losing balance

- feet sideways, step to meet ball

- knees bent

- stick should contact ball when its positioning just in front of/level with right foot about a hockey stick length away from body

- stick swept along floor flatly in large horizontal arc

- ideally - contact made with ball using shaft of stick a few inches after from the head of stick

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