Hockey Drill Demonstration


- receive ball on left hand side as they are moving away from the passer 

- then use stick to cushion ball across body until its on their open stick side (right hand side)

- skill most likely used when there is little chance of opposition intercepting the ball

- Alternative: reverse stick side

Coaching points

- focus on ball whilst receiving to ensure contact is made

- sideways & stick positioning open stick on player's left hand side

- pre-scanned before receiving to enable them to adjust body positioning correctly

- feet move away from ball carrier & in direction ball is travelling enables flows & forward momentum

- to transfer ball to right hand side (open stick) without using reverse stick, receiver adjusts foot & body position slightly to left as ball travels across their body

- don't run towards ball to try & receive it early as momentum will carry receiver forwards

- keep stick in contact with ball & cushion ball as it crosses the body - allows more control

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