Hockey Drill Demonstration


Opposition is discouraged from playing through the centre of the pitch.  Forward line doesn't push too high, allow opposition to play the ball inside their 23, track across as a team.

Once ball is played wide or out of 23, build pressure on receiver to minimise their options, remain patient and don't get eliminated.


Midfield and defence fill the gaps while marking in front of their players.  Communication from behind ensures opposition movement is covered. Players can see ball and opponent at all times. Scan and resct while keeping compact shape.

Coaching points

Patience is key.  Pressure on the ball carrier or receiver can only be applied effectively if the shape is maintained.  Everyone must work hard to track with the play and not allow easy outlet to open up in the pockets. If the ball is played wide the pressure should force the ball to stay wide, closing off options back to the centre of the pitch.  Front marking increases the chance of defensive overloads and interceptions but correct body and stick postion is important.  

Sweeper covering line to goal is ready to provide cover in case of through ball or overhead, tries to delay attack until cover readjusts.

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