Volleyball Tennis

category: 3-Grass-roots

Volleyball Volleyball Tennis 3 Grass roots 2 players, 1 ball and a hoop Each player stands about 1.5m away from the hoop. Throw the ball via a bounce...

Target Serving

category: 7-Serve-Drills

Volleyball Target Serving 7 Serve Drills Numbers 1 and 2 serve and aim at the targets. The other players must act as ball boys and keep up the supply...

Follow And Block

category: 8-Block-Drills

Volleyball Follow And Block 8 Block Drills Three players stand on one side of the net, one in zone 2, one in zone 3 and one in zone 4. These players ...

Throwing Over The Net

category: 3-Grass-roots

Volleyball throwing over the net 3 Grass roots 2 or 4 in group, standing sideways across the court. Throw the ball ... Volleyball Tennis Drill Thumbn...

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Volleyball Tennis- 2 lines in 6 at each basline of the court- 1 player at a time on the court. The rest in line off the court- coach tosses a free bal...

Pair Work

Digging:1.Dig tennis using the platfrom of the arm.2.Dig tennis using the the correct diggning technique.Setting:1. Set then push back to the service ...