Shooting Under Pressure

category: Shooting

Groups of six. Position players as shown in the diagram. One server and one attacker on each side of the goal with a single defender to the side of th...

Headers And Volleys

category: Shooting

The first attacking player runs into the box, towards the penalty spot. As the attacker makes their run the feeder throws the ball in for a volley or ...

Shooting With Soccer Coming Towards You

category: Shooting

Players set up in 2 lines with one central player who feeds you the ball. The player must strike first time. The other player follows them for a rebo...

Shooting From Range Game

category: Shooting

This game can be played with almost any number of players. In this game the pitch is 50 metres long, split into two 15 metre shooting zones (at both e...

Dribble, Drive And Strike

category: Shooting

Players must run through the cones with the ball under control. When they reach the final cone they have one final touch to set the ball and then they...

Run On And Shoot Under Pressure

category: Shooting

This drill simulates a through pass being played for your attack to run onto and finish in a one vs one show-down with the keeper. The two lines take ...

3 Player Combination With Defender

category: Shooting

Set up as shown. The player in the middle starts with the ball. They play a diagonal ball into space so that the player to the right can run onto it. ...

Defensive Pressure

category: Defending

Play 3 v 3 in the middle area with goalkeepers stationed in each of the goals. Balls are placed around the field so that as soon as a ball goes out, t...

Fa Cup Final

category: Shooting

Position 2 teams of 6 players in opposite corners of the grid and number them from 1 to 6. When the coach calls out a players number that player in ea...

Combo Pass, Cross And Shoot

category: Crossing-and-Finishing

The drill starts with player 3 moving to the red cone and then coming back to receive pass from player 1. Once player 3 has received the ball player 2...

2 V 1 Overlap Switch

category: Shooting

Two attacking players against one defender. The player who starts with the ball passes the ball square to the other player. This player runs towards t...

Loop Overlap And Shoot

category: Passing-and-Receiving

The first player plays a one-two pass with player 2, who passes back in front of player 1's looping run. Player 1 then dribbles with the ball either t...

1St Touch Shooting

category: Shooting

Encouraging 1st time shooting or allow U10s, U12s to take a touch and then shoot. Blue 1 plays ball into area and clue 2 moves in to shoot 1st time. ...

Shoot At Sight

category: Conditioned-games

Teams stay in their own half and shoot at the earliest opportunity. Start the game with one ball and build it up to a number of balls.

Instep Pass

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Players start 10 metres apart in 2 lines facing each other. 1 ball per pair. Get the players passing to each other using the instep pass.

Shoot & Rebound

category: Shooting

Groups of six. Four balls per group. Position players as shown in the diagram. Repeat in another area for a total of 12 players. Red player 1 passes t...

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