Football Drill Demonstration


This drill simulates a through pass being played for your attack to run onto and finish in a one vs one show-down with the keeper.

The two lines take it in turns to run.

The first player passes the ball for the attacker to run onto - once inside the box the attacker should run deeper inside the box and try to get the better of the keeper in a one vs one.

After shooting players should collect their ball and run to the back of their feeder's line. The player who played the through pass should follow their pass and join the back of the attacker's line.

Coaching points

Change sides after a few minutes so that players get to practice using both feet.

No blasting when at point blank with the keeper - your attackers should be able to get the better of the keeper through skills, feints and disguised shots.

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Drill tags: 1 v 1, dribbling, finishing, goal keeping, goal scoring, pressure, scoring, shooting

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