Four Goal Soccer

category: Shooting

Soccer Four Goal Soccer Shooting Play small sided game in a suitable area (e.g half field 6v6). Two teams attempt to score in any of the goals. A g...

2 Goal Finishing

category: Shooting

Soccer 2 Goal Finishing Shooting Set up a second goal as shown in the diagram. Player 1 starts standing behind a mannequin, positioned outside of t...

Pass And Follow To Shoot

category: Shooting

Pass and follow drill with players focusing on hitting the target and practising shooting from both sides. Going alternately players pass up to the f...

Shooting Across Goal

category: Shooting

Soccer Shooting across goal Shooting Set up two goals, one at either end of the half pitch and two narrow channels (with cones), one to the left and ...

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Community Drills

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goal shooting wall between two players, to circumvent the cones without the ball.After this first shot performs a clear rupture and awaits the pass of...