Combination Football - Possession Keeping Games Session

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This possession games session looks at the combination game, to help your team keep possession and control their big matches. Through a series of fast paced and fun games your players will work on their ball control, space finding ability and passing!

Use this session to get your players speedily moving the ball around the pitch, just like the Royal Engineers, Barcelona and Spain - your players will need to work together to get the ball to within goal shooting distance.

History of the modern game:

The 1st Royal Engineers - 1875 One team that pioneered the "combination game", believed to be the predecessor of the modern game, was the Royal Engineers Association Football Club, opting to pass the ball rather than kick and chase. In the 1870s they were one of the best sides in English football, winning the FA Cup in 1875 and being Cup Finalists in four of the first eight seasons of the competition.

A lot has changed since those days but one thing still remains, and that's the fact that the easiest way to keep possession is to work as a team. To get your team playing like the Royals this week's session works on getting your players to keep the ball!

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