Fish Tank

category: Conditioned-games

Soccer Fish Tank Conditioned games Set up a 10 x 10 area fish tank (any shape you see fit - diamond, square, circle, etc) and set up small goals on...

Activation - 4V4V4 Possession Game

category: Possession

Objective: The team on the outside to retain possession (on outside only) & switch play by combining with middle attacking team. It will get pl...



Community Drills

4v4 on divided pitch

Geme 4v4 on divided pitch.It's only one rule. On one half, have to be always minimum two defenders and one attacker. The one player must to move betwe...

4v4 w/2 floaters

4v4. with each blue and yellow staying in one quarter. Have two neutral floaters.Good for moving getting the ball moving and getting the pla...