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First time Coaching Gig

Hello All,I will be coaching my daughter's U16 Div 2 team this year, I just wanted to ask fellow coaches and mangers what to expect. Im not new to the game , in fact I currently play in the state league myself, but there is a difference between playing the game and actually managing the team..I guess my questions lie around team management techniques and what should I look out for or what should I be aware of in terms of surprises. The season starts in a month and training commences next week, so what is the best way to get the kids in shape fastThank you

I am not a big fan of running for the sake of running.  I do a lot of dribbling and passing drills the first 2 weeks.  This way they are getting a lot of on the ball skills while building their conditioning

My rule with all the teams I coach... if I ever ask them to run or do any fitness based activities without a ball, then they can refuse to do the activity. Keeps it fun for them and keeps me on my toes to make creative and inventive fitness activities.

Firstly... expect to be more than just a coach... taxi driver, kit washer, ball collector, ball pumper etc etc! There is more to the job than meets the eye! But this doesnt have to be a negative... just know it requires a lot of dedication which I am sure you have!

This is a good site for training drills which I dont have to talk about here. Search the site and you will see for yourself! But keep it fun and interesting because that is why they are there... they love football!

Good luck this season!

I'm a manger of a adult mens team.personally, a fit and dynamic team is a winning team.I am a massive fan of a tough pre season in the early days.My boys do a good 40 mins with stretches of jogging.Then I bring in a 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 3 touch then 2 touch finish with a 1 touch with no goals.Progression would be add a floating player to each game.Take your strikers and encourage 1 touch shooting from 18 yards with a assistant just following them and closing down quick
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Wouldnt removing the floater be a progression? Not adding one?

Coaching young ladies can be a challenge I comend you ,but as the previous coaches have said (Fun Fun Fun)  make it fun very important.Do the proper warm up Fifa 11+ very good and easy to follow(can be found online) then some light drills 1v1 2v2 possesion drills and so on then add more intensity as your season goes,hope this helps and good luck 

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