Football Drill Demonstration


Divide players into 2 teams of 6. Take 2 players from each team and have them hold a shirt between them to form a floating goal. The remaining 8 players play 4 v 4. 2 balls in play at once.

The object of the game is to score in your teams goal as the floaters move around the area trying to get close to the ball. A goal is scored by a pass, header or shot in the goal. Players can score on both sides of the goal.

  • Develop to using only one ball.
  • Develop to 2 touch only.
  • Coaching points

  • As players receive the ball, look up to see an open player and the goal.
  • Players should pass the ball to an open player near the goal.
  • Try to receive the ball standing sideways so the whole field can be seen.
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