Tabata Touch

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Tabata Touch Tag Rugby You can play any version of touch you like, I'm going to suggest One Touch Off-Load - but you can change this to suit yo...

Warm Up - Bulldog Touch

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Warm up - Bulldog Touch Tag Rugby 2 Catchers. Everyone else Runners. This is a warm up game that is used to raise the heart rates of the childr...

7V7 Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby 7v7 Touch Sevens Tell your players the following... We are playing 7's, normal rules apply - except this is touch. Upon getting touched a playe...

All In Touch

category: Warm-Up

Rugby All In Touch Warm Up The following are the laws for this game: Equal number of defenders and attackers. Use bibs to identify both teams. Normal...


Community Drills

Touch Rugby R2D2 2

Touch Rugby R2D2Begins with a razor inbetween the defnsive middles. M1 splits right to drag the defensive middle 1(dm1) out, then M1 cuts back in and ...