Rugby Octopus

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Rugby Octopus Tag Rugby The aim of this game is to increase player defence and decision making. Set up a field about 15m long by 10m wide. Keep...

Evasion Drill

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Evasion Drill Tag Rugby Drill to practice/teach evasion skills. Set up two lines of cones (green and red) with two lines of players (blue and r...

Lesson 1 Layout

category: Tag-Rugby

Tag Rugby Lesson 1 Pitch Layout Set out the grid as shown 20 metres 4 x Rugby Balls 12 x Tag Belts 4 x Yellow Cones Additional Equipment Req. 5 m Tag...

Move It Wide

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Move it wide Tag Rugby Groups of 5 The pitch is divided into 2 halves Both defenders must start at one corner of the pitch. The attackers must ...

Web Videos

Tag rugby - an introduction

Ireland coach Les Kiss gives an introduction to tag rugby - a fun way to stay fit, enjoy a great social scene and develop your skills.



Community Drills

Tag Rugby Offside

An example of the common situation in tag rugby. A tackle is made and there's a player (or players) offside leading to an illegal intercept of th...

Copy of 1v1 Agility Gauntlet

1v1 Agility Gauntlet can be developed into a 2v1 drill. Develop key running and agility skill. Agility Skills: -Side step -Change in sp...