2 Dummy Runners

category: Backs-moves

Rugby League 2 Dummy Runners Backs moves 9 10 miss 12 straight to 13 -over line- with 15 also running an over line straight to 14.

Bring your drills, plays and tactics to life using the Sportplan Animator and share them with your coaches and players Bring your Rugby League drills,...

Miss 2 And Overlap

category: Backs-moves

Rugby League Miss 2 and Overlap Backs moves Working on basic hands this play sees your line passing the ball, missing out 11 and passing to 15 as they...

Handling Skills

category: Ball-handling

Rugby League Handling Skills Ball handling In pairs, stand facing each other, 3m apart. Pass the ball at waist height. How many passes can you make in...

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Rugby League Kick Off

Players on the front line are 15 meters back and ready to move forward in case of a short kick off. All players on the touch line make sure they are c...

Rugby League Shuttles

Always start in a supine positionRun 5m FD, fall down, run 5m BDRun 10m FD, fall down, run 10m BDRun 20m FD, fall down, run 20m BDRun 30m FD and turn ...