Many Hands

category: Passing

Rugby League Many hands Passing Lots of fast passing and overlapping from all your players in a restricted area.


category: Tackling

Rugby League Tackle Tackling Start with this simple tackling drill with no resistance to the tackle to get your players warmed up and used to contact...

Loop Pass

category: Passing

Rugby League Loop Pass Passing The ball carrier (A) runs straight in a line and makes a normal lateral pass to the supporting player (B) After passin...

Offload Central

category: Off-loads

Rugby League Offload central Off loads Set Up Small 10 x 10m grid - 1/3rd of group on knees - 1/3rd with ball - 1/3rd supporting Players move around ...

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Community Drills

Touch Rugby League Run Throughs

This drill can be classified as a Warm-Up Drill and also a Passing Drill 3 people line up between the blue conesThe player on the end of the line...

Rugby League Kick Off

Players on the front line are 15 meters back and ready to move forward in case of a short kick off. All players on the touch line make sure they are c...

Rugby League Shuttles

Always start in a supine positionRun 5m FD, fall down, run 5m BDRun 10m FD, fall down, run 10m BDRun 20m FD, fall down, run 20m BDRun 30m FD and turn ...