Contest Line Outs

category: Lineout

Rugby Contest Line Outs Lineout One player throws the ball in to 5 players standing side by side. One player to stand in the scrum half position so a...

Lineout Game

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout Game Lineout The coach calls out the number of people that required in ... 3 Man Line up Against the throw Against the throw Red Team 2...

Lineout: Lift

category: Lineout

Rugby Lineout: lift Lineout Jumper Move dynamically into a position from which you can easily be supported. Maintain a ... Contest Line Outs Drill Th...

Line Out Only Restart

category: Lineout

Rugby Line Out Only Restart Lineout Groups of ten One ball per group Always start with a line out i.e. Trower two catchers and four backs.

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Scrum / Lineouts for beginners

Keep your players safe! Review the basics, coach the key points of these two important skills and give players plenty of time to learn and improve

Line Out Pod Exercises

Rise above the rest - In this session we look at how you can get your line-out pods working more effectively.


Community Drills

Full Contact w/ Limits

This is a full contact game, with a few limitations.1. No Line Outs - Simple pass on instead.2. Non-Contested Scrum - Roll ball back and out.3. No Con...

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From Line out and Scrum:9 to 10, 10 passes to 12 and follows pass on the wrap around, 13 comes on a crash ball and 12 pulls back to 14, but in front o...


A1 passes to A2A3 runs forward changing to a switch, receiving pass from A2, run behind play the ball drawing defender, then passes to A5A5 runs line ...