Drop Kick

category: Kicking

Rugby Drop Kick Kicking Can be practiced with all players but specifically for the kickers of the team for start off kicking and tactical point scori...

Drop Kick Reload

category: Kicking

Rugby Drop Kick Reload Kicking The aim of the drill is to improve reload and positioning before the kick. ... Goal Kick Follow Through. Drop Kick Dri...

Kick Off Height

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Height Kicking The aim of the drill improve Height and accuracy of the ... Goal Kick Approach. Drop Kick Drill Thumbnail View this dri...

Mini-Goal Game

category: Kicking

Rugby Mini-Goal Game Kicking Game to practice controlling the ball. Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones -...

Web Videos


Kicking Confidence: Drop Goal Drills

Give all your players confidence to use their feet with this kicking session. Use the drop kick to score a goal or hoist the ball behind their defence...


Community Drills

drop goal

two forwards form a protective barrier off of the side of the ruck whilst the other one makes a pillar. This allows the 10 or whoever is taking ...

JW Drop Goal Masterclass

After a series of less than perfect drop goal attempts in the first weekend of the Six Nations, I found this video to help with the technique