category: Overload-situations

create forward passes by transferring the ball

The 3 blue players are trying to pass the ball through one of the 3 goals in the middle of the area ...

Outletting Through Midfield

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

We will be working on this kind of move in the midfield these next couple of weeks

So we are able to outletting the ball via a wall pass int...

Web Videos

Mpl ahc vs tem 2017

Altona's Mens Premier League side welcomed TEM to the snake pit on the weekend after their recent promotion this year to the Hockey Victoria Mens Prem...



Community Drills

Outletting against 1/2 court press

A free hit within the half against a 1/2 court pressLinks and forwards to make in-out lead runs to pull the defending players out of the pass's path

3 2 3 2 Outletting

If opposition pack half side of pitch transfer left and forwards quickly. Reversed if other side.Ball speed high passes to open side. Player taking th...

Outletting Dry Passing Drill

Dry passing drill to assist in movement of the ball and leading off the ballA passes to BB skip passes passed C who leads to DPlayer stationed at D le...

2v1 to 3v2 outlet

Offense must maintain possession of the ball for 3 (can change amount) touches before they can outlet to 3rd offense. Once outletted 2nd defender join...