Set The Screen - No Getting Past

category: 529-screening

Handball Set the screen - No getting past 529 screening White player 1 plays a one-two pass with green player 1 and moves forward with the ball. At t...

529 Screening

category: 529-screening

Handball 529 screening 529 screening Pass B5-B1 who throws at the goal. B2 screens R1.

Three Screen Free Throw

category: 542-attack-free-throws

Handball Three screen free throw 542 attack : free throws Blue 4 takes the throw and passes out to blue 3. After the pass blue 6 and 4 move up court ...

Quick Switch - Simple Screen

category: 317-jump-shot-high

Handball Quick Switch - Simple Screen 317 jump shot high Three groups of players - a group on each wing and a line of three players a couple of meter...

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