Shadow Defence

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Shadow defence 545 3:2:1 defence Blue players 1, 2 and 3 stand in a line with a supply of ball to try and feed to blue player 4. The defendi...

Knock On Defence - Covering Defence

category: 548-6-0-defence

Handball Knock on defence - covering defence 548 6:0 defence The blue team (back court players) are attacking and are passing the ball along the line...

Handball Game - No Running With The Ball!

category: Conditioned-games

Football Handball Game - No running with the ball! Conditioned games 5 vs 5 game (can be played with or without goals). Game 1: Possession keeping ga...

Hitting The Benches - Match Play

category: 114-aiming-throwing

Handball Hitting the benches - Match Play 114 aiming/throwing Divide the pitch into three areas. Both teams play a 3 v 3 inside the middle third of t...

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handball fast break from goalkeeper.... paired progressionaccurate passingsharp cuts and drivescommunicationhead upeyes on the ball

2v2 and 2v3

2 defenders against 2 attackers after few rounds add another attacker, can be center or pivot.change defenders after every round.defenders' movem...

center, back, wing

3v3 on one side, attackers are not allowed to shoot outside the green cone. blue team is to attack between defenders to create space.-can practic...

Defence communication exercise

Two defenders in between to cones with one pivot and one attacker. The attacker bounces the ball around and then all of a sudden attacks one of the de...