Simple 2V1 Possession

category: Possession

Football Simple 2v1 Possession Possession 2 players try and keep possession of the ball against 1 defender who has to put pressure on the player with...

2V1 To A Goal

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Football 2v1 To A Goal Passing and Receiving Set up as shown with two attackers and one defender, with the defender positioned closest to the goal. ...

2 V 1

category: Conditioned-games

Football 2 V 1 Conditioned games Set up 2 goals 10-15m apart. Divide in to 2 groups and line up either side of the goals. 2 from one side and 1 from ...

2 V 1 Overlap Switch

category: Shooting

Football 2 v 1 overlap switch Shooting Two attacking players against one defender. The player who starts with the ball passes the ball square to the ...


Combination Play

Put all your players on the same wavelength and see them combine all the way up the pitch to build sustained attacks that can cut through any defence.


Community Drills


Players to organise themselves into 2v1 teams and play to score into goals.Players can rotate who plays in the team of 2 and team of 1.Can players sho...

Motangrepet [5v3 +1v1]

Ballbesittelse spillet 5v3.Hvis en av de tre skal vinne ballen, starter motangrepet med pasning til spiss, som venter på toppen. Samtidig den andre (e...

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Player on the wing passes into the player stood in the triangle, player in the triangle works his way around the cones. Player can pass it back out wi...