Football Drill Demonstration


The pitch is split into 3 thirds with 2 defenders in the defending third, 2 midfielders in the middle third and 1 attacker in the attacking third. 

The ball starts with one of the goalkeepers who plays the ball into one of the defenders. The defenders play a 2v1 against the oppositions attacking player (3v1 if you include the goalkeeper) with the objective of trying to get the ball into one of the midfield players. Once this occurs, the defender who has not passed the ball into the midfield area can go and join the middle third to create a 3v2 situation. The midfield players then try to play the ball into the attacker placed inside the attacking third. ONe of the non-passing midfielders can then enter the attacking third to create a 2v2. 

Then the attackers try to score against the opposition. Once the ball goes dead, into the goal or is regained by the opposition, the same scenario occurs with the other team in possession and the defending team must retreat to their defensive zones. 

Coaching points

Maintain good possession within the defensive zone and create good possession to be able to play forward. 

Midfielders movement away from the ball to create space to receive from defenders. 

Defenders entering the midfield zone identify where the space is created by the midfield players. 

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