Combination Play

See your attackers combine as a unit to build sustained, dangerous attacks. This session looks to improve your players knowledge and understanding of combining as a pair, an individual and as a team.

What’s in the Session?

The warm up is a vital part of the session, ensuring that everybody is fit and ready to go, reducing chances of injury and ensuring that when the technical parts of the session start, everyone is in the right mindset. The technical part of session gives the players an opportunity to combine with direct, accurate passing and movement to continuously offer passes. Those that combine the best will produce the best results, getting out of a tight area with an overload for the defenders. Finally, the session concludes with a conditioned game of 8v8 on a smaller pitch with encourages players to combine with 2v1’s, emphasising the importance of clever movement off each other.

Get your players on the same wavelength so that they combine all the way up the pitch. Knowing where one another will pass and where the others are going to be to receive the ball will set-up attacks that the opposition won’t be able to handle.

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