Catching Singles Game

category: Catching

The aim of this game is for your players to make 10 catches without any of the players being touched by the opposition whilst holding the ball.

Singles Game As Teams

category: Conditioned-games

With a bowling machine set to a certain length. The batsmen play tip and run. They can be given out when they are run out, caught or ...

The Quick Singles Game

category: Conditioned-games

  • Setup the game as shown.
  • The coach throws from approximately 10 paces away. Mark the front foot and back foot target areas on the floor...

    The Quick Singles Game

    category: Conditioned-games

    This game can be played in teams (6-10 a-side) or in pairs (8-10 players).

    Rules of the game:

    There should be a batt...

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    Quick Singles Game

    This game is based on running quick singles in order to score runs and increase the score total number of runs accumulated in a game. everybody takes ...