Group Coaching For The Front Foot Drive

category: Conditioned-games

Create a V-Shaped area out in front of the batter. Working in groups of 6 players take it in turns to bowl, field and bat. The batsman aims to strike...

Kwik Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Divide players into two teams and then pair up all your players. Each pair should get to bat for two overs each. Each pair starts with 20 runs and ca...

Pull Shot Game

category: Conditioned-games

Split the group into 2 equal groups. 1 team are the batters and the other side are the fielders. Each player on the batting team has 3 attempts to str...

Use Of Feet - Straight Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Looking to hit ball straight back past bowler Quick feet from the batter are essential when getting to the ball. When advancing down the wicket, batte...

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