Bowling under pressure

This week's session looks at boosting your players' bowling confidence - making sure they're bowling consistently well to keep the pressure off them and on the opposition's batsmen instead!

Bowling practice is all about creating pressure on the bowlers, the sort they're likely to experience in a game. Although this you can't fully replicate a game situation in training it's still a good habit to get into when practising!

What's in the Session?

To help your players improve their bowling accuracy and consistency this session gets everyone involved, taking turns to bowl in small groups - working on bowling good length, yorkers and adjusting their bowling line for left and right handers. Whilst the other players in the group are awaiting their turn to bowl they're observing and offering one another feedback so that they can all improve their technique understanding!

Extra coaching notes:

To make the exercises in this session more match-like for more experienced players you can pit your players against one another in a series of bowling competitions! Which team or player will score hit the stumps first or get the ball to land accurately in the right area?

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