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Fast and spin bowling Drills

Bowling comes in two categories: either fast or spin (slow) bowling. The videos and drills below show the technique required to do both types of bowli...


These videos pinpoint the correct technique and proper way to conduct certain cricketing actions. If batting this ranges from how to hold the bat, wh...


Target Bowling - In Team

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Cricket Target Bowling - In team Fast and spin bowling Split the group into teams. Setup sets of stumps 20 yrds (22 yrds - Depending on age) apart. H...

One Day Nets - Bowling Challenge

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket One day nets - Bowling challenge Conditioned games Set up two nets with 4-6 players assigned to each. Each net has a different type of bowler...

Inswing Bowling Grip (Right Arm)

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Cricket Inswing Bowling Grip (Right Arm) Fast and spin bowling A right-arm bowler bowling to a right handed batsman will move the ball into them. The...

Bowling Relay

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Cricket Bowling Relay Fast and spin bowling All the players need a ball except for the wicket keeper. The first player in line takes a couple of step...

Web Videos


Improving spin bowling

Don't become predictable! Supercharge your players' spin bowling and get them turning the ball with more power!

Bowling Under Pressure

When the batsmen gets on top of you or the game has come right down to the wire, you need to be confident in finding your lines and lengths when the p...

Community Drills

Cricket bowling tips

Brett Lee talks through how to bowl a great variation of pace deliveries, and there's also some talk about spin with Andrew Symonds.