Cricket Drill Demonstration


  • Place a few cones in line with the off-stump at both ends of the wicket, going down the pitch.
  • Players get into pairs, roughly about the length of a wicket away from eachother.
  • Players use the off-spin grip to hold the ball. 
  • Player throws the ball to their partner and using their wrist and body, they are aiming to spin the ball from the left hand side of the cones to the right - replicating as off-spinners delivery.

Coaching points

  • This drill encourages players to produce as much spin as possible using a throwing action. 
  • They should be using their wrist to produce the revolutions and should to encouraged to rip it hard with their wrists.
  • Players should their front foot as a pivot.

Drill tags: spin bowling, off-spin, off spin throw, rip, revolutions

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