Bent Bowling Arm - Bad.

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Straight Bowling Arm - Good. The Basic Grip: Side view. Drill Thumbnail View this drill. The Basic Grip: Side view. Good Lenght and Direction Drill T...

Half Volley.

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Good Lenght and Direction Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Good Lenght and Direction. The Basic Grip: Side view. Drill Thumbnail View this drill. The...

The Basic Grip: Side View.

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Cricket The Basic Grip: Side view. Fast and spin bowling The basic grip when bowling, shown here, places two fingers along the seam over the ball wit...

Bowling Relay

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Cricket Bowling Relay Fast and spin bowling All the players need a ball except for the wicket keeper. The first player in line takes a couple of step...

Web Videos

Cricket bowling basics - seam bowling

Submitted as assessment for a Sports Science (Physical Education) degree at Bangor University. It provides an instructional breakdown into seam bowlin...


Improving spin bowling

Don't become predictable! Supercharge your players' spin bowling and get them turning the ball with more power!

Moving out - Drive hitting

Get your players to put their best foot forward as they step out to the pitch and play a well placed drive!

Bonus Session - Cricket Fitness

Welcome back your team and give them the edge by working on your players' fitness levels - enabling them to play better for longer!

Bowling Under Pressure

When the batsmen gets on top of you or the game has come right down to the wire, you need to be confident in finding your lines and lengths when the p...


Community Drills

Bowling at goalBowling at target 1

Very basic bowling technique:- 2 teams: 1 wicketkeeper, 3-4 bowlers- bowlers stand in chain side on arms length apart- Ball passed from back to fron...

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Start by explaining a basic bowling technique and also the drive technique for batting. Within the drill there will be a bowler, a batsman, a wicket k...

Basic Bowling Technique

Grip- Two fingers either side of the seam with your thumb at the bottom of the seam.The bound- is preparation of your pre-delivery towards the wicket....