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The coach sits on chair inside service box. The coach's position imitates opponent's position, then feeds ball to deuce side and moves racquet to the right side. The player runs to the ball and hits forehand cross-court passing shot away from coach's racquet.

Coaching points

It looks like passing shots are not different than regular forehands and backhands but there are definitely more errors in this situation than in regular baseline rally. It all comes down to pressure. Seeing opponent coming to the net, reducing our court's visibility and giving less time for reaction tend to make bad tactical decisions. Many times players try to go for too much and they end up hitting into the net or outside the lines. Training this aspect will make players familiar with passing shots and more comfortable while facing this situation during the match.

In this drill, the player works on passing shots. Being able to put the ball away from the net player is a big weapon that players should try to possess. The coach should explain to players that they have to pay attention to the opponent's position at the net because even great shot won't be effective if the rival is waiting there. To make this drill more difficult, the coach can try to get to the player's shot to show the quality of the passing shot.

Drill tags: cross-court, forehand, groundstroke, passing shot, tennis

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