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Approach and Win at the Net Session Thumbnail
Approach and Win at the Net

Keep your opponents guessing by mixing up when you approach the net. Use this session to teach your players about the tactical opportunities available when in close at the net!

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Coach stands in front of the player. Coach throws balls behind the player. Player has to react and hit the overhead with control.

Coaching points

Hitting overheads out of balance is a difficult part for many players.

Coaches have to explain to players that good opponents will always give them difficult shots so they have to learn how to respond effectively.

  • Firstly, players have to try to jump back and hit the ball because there is no time to stop before the contact.
  • Secondly, proper footwork is of utmost importance so awareness of jumping from the back leg and landing on the front leg is a priority.

Tactically, players have to work on topspin and eliminate going for the winner because it will generate more errors.

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