Learning the laws of the game

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Helping players to understand and learn the laws of the game will also make them a much better player. That's why in this report we think of interesting and fun ways for you to help your players better understand the laws of the game.

As coach you should have a good understanding of the ever-changing laws of rugby, I would go as far as to suggest that you attend your local Referees' Association referee training courses and that if you have the time - you join and start to referee yourself.

Only by refereeing will you fully appreciate the job that referees do, and that each referee is the sole judge of the law and its application within the game.

Jason, Editor of Sportplan Rugby
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Learning the laws of the game
Markus Moelders
Ireland Markus Moelders
Will this be a weekly/monthly feature?
Sportplan 28/11/2014 13:06

Hi Markus, thanks for commenting. These types of coaching reports are something which we are hoping to add more of in future, though at the moment our primary focus is on adding videos and training plans to Sportplan.

I found this past coaching blog which might be of interest to you: Blog: Martin Johnson's 8 Tips For Successful Rugby Coaching

I'll forward your feedback on to our contributors though and see if this something we can see more of in future.

Sportplan 28/11/2014 13:07
PS. If anyone has documents / reports like this from their personal / club collection they think we might be interested in by all means send them to us at info@sportplan.com to start the conversation. Thanks!

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