Eliminate missed tackles | Defensive correction plan

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The aim of the session is to correct defensive errors and eliminate missed tackles.

Your players need to be able to tackle effectively 1 on 1, and that's where this session comes in to help your players understand the technical points needed to achieve this. The inability to tackle can be disheartening for a coach but by correcting small mistakes, as outlined in this plan, your players can make huge improvements.

What's in the Session?

We start with an excellent warm up game to eliminate lazy play amongst the defence. Once everyone's nicely warmed up it's time to develop the skill - to do this we focus on communication at the back and stopping the offload or the player.

Once you've worked through these drills and their progressions with your players it's time to put the skills into a conditioned game, with a clear focus on defence and communication - preparing your players nicely for their next match.

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