Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Four attackers, two defenders in quite a small playing area - trying to find space.
  • The aim is for each team of four to try to score as many 'tries' as they can consecutively. Failure to score means the team of four changes over to the next team.
  • Touch rugby game play.
  • Attacking four players are aiming to touch the ball down on an end line.
  • Defenders are aiming to touch the attackers.

Coaching points

  • Attackers should be trying to keep a wide formation with depth.
  • The playmakers should be in the middle, it's important to keep moving in an attempt to find space, while maintaining a formation.
  • Encourage the attackers to get back and deep in order to continue the phase of play to find the space.
  • Only two defenders, need to remain a unit and connected.
  • Encourage the defenders to push up forward to get close to the attackers, not to sit back.
  • The players will get tired as the games progress, it's important for them to keep working hard and perform when fatigue levels are high.

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