Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill to practice overlap situations.

Set up a grid roughly 10m x 10m, with another grid roughly 5m x 5m adjacent to it (see diagram - red cones and green cones).

In the bigger grid have two defenders (red) and in the smaller grid have one defender (red).

Three attackers (blue) attack the 2 defenders in the first grid. Once they have completed the 3 v 2 situation the player with the ball and one other support player run around the cone and attack the one defender in the smaller grid.

Swap the attack and defence after 3-5 repetitions.



The ball starts on the opposite side to practice passing in both directions.

A coach/other player feeds the ball to the three attackers so the drill can start in any position. The coach/other player can kick or roll the ball to the attack to start the drill.

Coaching points

Go forward

Provide support

Identify and communication of space - running angles of ball carrier and support players to create and attack space

Decision making


Attacking a 3 v 2 / 2 v 1.

Drill tags: 2v1, 3v2, overlap, passing, passing

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