Two vs One Situations from a selfpass

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One of the most important thing players of any team sport will ever learn is that their Off the Ball running is equally, if not more, important than running with the ball! It gives the opposition an extra thing to worry about when defending and can open up attacking Avenues for your players to drive into.

Through a series of progressive exercises you'll get your players practising their A to B passing and Decision Making, thinking about how their positioning will make passing easier for their team-mates and whether or not the pass is the best option? Should they feint and run with the ball or should they pass around their marker?

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Passing with Purpose (Advanced)

Do your players carry the ball headlong into trouble, not looking up until it's too late? If so this pack of Passing with Purpose Sessions should be right up your street - as we look to break up groups of bunching players, get your players running to support the player on the ball and use the full width of the pitch to stretch your opposition's defence to breaking point! - 6 quality sessions!

Topics Include: Moving into space to receive the ball / Play Wide to go Forward / Forward Running - Positive Play / Two vs One Situations from a selfpass / Posting up and Overlap / Defensive Passing - Moving the ball around the back.
Suitable for competent Juniors to Senior players

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Passing with Purpose (Advanced) - in this pack:

Finding space to maintain possession

Improve your players' ability to find space in which to receive the ball by looking for the give and go, losing your marker and by calling for the ball.

Introducing 2 vs 1 situations

Improve your players' ability to run with the ball under pressure and play the smart pass to a team-mate.

Passing on the move - thinking about self-pass

Can your players pass the ball first time whilst on the move? This Session encourages players to look up, pick out a pass and weight their passes.

Passing on time!

Stop your players holding on to the ball for too long - Don't let them miss their opportunity to pass.

Passing while moving and attacking down the left

Keep possession by using the reverse turn to pick out your supporting players.

Switch the ball to create Forward Space

Like moths to a light players are often drawn to the ball. Sometimes in order to create space players should look to sweep and switch the ball across the pitch to find new space!

Click here to get instant access to this pack for the introductory price of £7.50.

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