Transfer the Ball Over Distance to Create 2 v 1's

NEW CONTENT Session 3 of 4 Transferring the Ball Series! Keep your eyes peeled for the next session next week!

Transferring the ball is a well-known tactic to wear down the defence, pull them from their positions and tire their legs whilst doing so. This will eventually make the space to create a 2 v 1 for the attackers. Practice making the overload today!

Recap the technique to be able to transfer at pace with accuracy. Practice the hit and slap and cover movement on the ball to be comfortable at creating the angles for the transfer.

What's in the Session?

The session starts by recapping the technique and carrying to create an angle for a pass before moving on to more in depth patterns of play to create the 2 v 1.

The first pattern encourages the ball to be transferred across from the left, out towards the right half. The 2 v 1 is then made with the right full-back stepping through to isolate the oppositions left forward to then play around them. The drill is laid out to emphasise the importance of the players first touch and pace of pass to complete the 2 v 1 before a covering defender arrives.

The next part of the session works on the adding disguise to the transfer with an intercept game. The player on the ball must complete the pass without being intercepted. This will give them a great understanding of making a pass when it comes to actual game play itself.

Continue to develop your team's ability to transfer the ball at pace, having covered the basics, begin to create 2 v 1?s with the transfer to break the press.

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