Hockey Drill Demonstration


With 11 v 11 in half a pitch this game should:

- Cramp Players for time

- Encourage pre-scanning and quick play

- Constant High Intensit


Ideally teams should organise and come up with formations, tactics etc. this makes the session at a match pace intensity as well as units (attack, midfield and defence) working together. 

Game Conditions 

- Touches or Time Restraints 

Rather than having a limited number of touches a coach determins if the players has used their time and space economically or correctly relitive to their situation. 

For Example - If a player has a defender behind him then he should pass the ball quickly rather than turn and dribble or if a winger is in lots of space then allow them to drive baseline and cross the ball.

- Possession Game or Goals 

A coach shouts out 'Possession' or 'Goals' changing hte game from being a possession game to normal hockey (attacking goals). 

- Goals on the Wings 

Place cones as goals in the corners of the pitch and change the objective to work on changing the point of attack

- Central Goals

Normal Hockey 

Coaching points

High Intensity 

Patience with the Ball 

High Ball Pace 

Maintain Possession 

Created by William, Hockey Coach, England

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