Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • Ask for 3 volunteers to be defenders
  • Players must get in partners.
  • Within the boxes set up, place 1 defender.
  • The aim of the attackers is for their pair to drive through the box, and over the line with the ball. Whomever drives over the line with the ball can go on to line up at a cone to shoot. Players must watch other attackers in case of excessive shooting- there should only be one person shooting at the goalie at a time. If there is an overload, the shooting should be systematic- left, centre, right, left, centre,right.
  • The defender must aim to drive the ball over the base line, but if they cannot, they must take the ball out of the box (try not to hit it- ball collection will be harder otherwise).
  • Players must take care not to walk through boxes.

Coaching points

The defender should not get the ball. If the defenders are usually winning the ball, talk to the group, and explain switching, and other skills to pass by the defender.

Created by T, Hockey Coach, England

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