Hockey Drill Demonstration


Needed? Balls, 3 Players

How? The Blue player with the ball starts doing stick pulls. The Red player then decides whether he/she puts his/her stick on the Left or the Right side. The Blue player then must decide one of these things:

  1. He/she pulls and goes the opposite direction
  2. He/she lifts the ball over the defenders stick
  3. He/she spins into the free space

Then the Blue player will pass the ball to their teammate, who receives and passes the ball back to the Blue player who has since moved from where she passed the ball. 

Why? Releading, different elimination skills, speed after elimination.

Coaching points

  • Big pulls
  • Make everything dramatically big
  • Get away from defender, do not give the defender an opportunity to tackle back.
  • Quick passing
  • Heads up passing
  • Dynamic relead

Created by noah, Hockey Coach, United States of America

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