Basketball Drill Demonstration


Two balls are needed for this drill

  1. Put a chair on each elbow with the seat facing mid court. Put a ball on each chair.
  2. Player starts on the left block.
  3. Player cuts through the middle of the chairs, around the right chair. Player scoops the ball and takes a jump shot.
  4. Player then cuts directly to the right block.
  5. Upon reaching the block, player executes step-through footwork, cuts through the chairs and around the left chair for jump shot.
  6. Drill can be run for attempt or makes. If there is a re-bounder, it can also be run for time or for a progressive number of rotations (2 shots the first time, 4 shots the next time, 6 shots next, etc.).

Created by Armando, Basketball Player, United States of America

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