Basketball Drill Demonstration


Invasion Game: Coned

Equipment Needed: Cones, Bibs, Basketball Balls and Whistle


  1. Each time will have the same amount of players, unless a floater.
  2. Overall there is 5 balls, however there is only ever 1 ball in play at the time. Once the ball in on top of a cone the next ball will be thrown in.
  3. Teams will have to get the ball onto one of the 5 cones in the opponent teams area, however they'll only have 2 minutes a game.
  4. The team with the most balls on the opponents cones will win. (eg, if red have 4 balls on the blues cones they win).


  • No foul play
  • No travelling
  • No double dribble
  • Get as many balls across as possible once the ball touches the cone it cant be moved. it is then 1 point!!

Coaching points


  • Make sure each time have fair players.
  • Keep eye out for foul play.
  • Motivate and Encourage players.

Created by Abbi, Basketball Coach, England

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