Basketball Drill Demonstration


This works on Offensive and defensive Transition.  Offense is accross the baseline and defense is free throw line extended.  Coach passes the ball to a random offensive player. Then Offense gets the ball to a guard and pushes the ball up the court.  At the same time the person guarding the offensive player who got the ball will touch the baseline and get back on defense.  The other Defenders will need to make up for his absence by matching up and communicating.

You can either stop the ball after the posession or you can have the defense bring it back down the court.

Coaching points


  • Push the ball to score
  • Pass the ball up the sideline
  • Find the open man
  • Set up the offense if you don't get the score
  • hustle, hustle, hustle


  • Stop the ball
  • matchup quickly and make up for the missing defender until they get back
  • Box out and rebound no matter how many defenders there are
  • hustle, hustle, huslte

Created by JD, Basketball Coach, United States of America

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