Basketball Drill Demonstration


This drill forces the players to learn how to move the ball with different rules, utilizing 1/4 of a court. this simulates game speed, and forces great execution.

Thi drill teaches the offense how to pass againsit and trap/zone/man defense.

The primary focus is to teach your players not to telegraph their passes, and to make quick passes in a game situation againsit the defense.

Defensivly it allows you to work on any variation of defense you want. zone/traps/man.


  • Ball has to touch high post be scoring
  • # of passes
  • 3 sec playmaker clock
  • No dribbling
  • Type of shot (jumpshots, or layups)
  • Points



Coaching points

  • Fake a pass to make a pass
  • Look away when passing
  • 3 sec playmaker clock
  • quick passes


Created by Christopher, Basketball Coach, United States of America

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