Hockey Drill Demonstration


Blue = Defender

Red = attacker 

Blus player inside 25 plays ball in to red play to make game live.  Play to goal looking to create outcomes in the D (shots, goals, short corners).  play all sideline balls but if ball goes off baseline that ball is dead

when ball is dead 1 new attacker and defender join the game, attacker joins with the ball (this happens twice) 3rd new ball comes from coach feed.  Final part of game should be 5v4 to goal

Defenders win the ball play to go through yellow marked zone

play on either side of pitch 

Attacking Scoring

shot on goal - 1 point

short corner  - 2 points

goal - 3 points

Defending Scoring 

5 points if they can play through yellow marked area.

Coaching points


 - effective use of T-Spot area

 - fast DYNAMIC leads of ball to create space or passing lane

 - exchange of space

 - move ball with precision around the D

 - get low to score in Ugly zone. 


 - low and mobile in the D - protect feet. 

 - protect 'line to goal' 


 - Communication for line to goal

 - dominate ugly zone



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